Box rules

Check your ego at the door: There ’s always someone faster and stronger than you. Your focus should be on doing YOUR best, not doing THE best. Always remember, somewhere out there a kid is warming up with your PR.

Be On time: Give yourself enough time to login and get changed, or there are penalties!
No login = 5 burpees and late arrival = 2 burpees for each minute.

Be an active part of our community: Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know. Someone else’s time and experience is as valuable as yours. Encourage and cheer others on. Treat others how you would wish to be treated. Make everyone around you better.

Kids: Kids are welcome at CrossFit Leman! However, during class, all kids need to stay in the designated kids corner. Staying in the corner is absolutely essential to their safety and guarantees a clear work space for the members.

Respect Equipment: Put things down gently. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. Keep your weight under control.

Come to class regularly. Get consistent with your training. Don’t just do your own thing. Don’t let injuries get in your way. There are always substitutions, scaling and modifications that can be made.

Dont cheat. No one will care what your score is, but everyone will care if you cheat. Be honest with yourself and everyone else. If you lose count, the next number is always 1.

Know your limits. Know when to back off and when to turn it up. If you get hurt you can’t train. If you can’t train, you can’t get fitter. You’re here to get fitter. Need advice? Ask your Coach.

Keep it clean. Clean up any post-WOD mess that you may have left behind. Chalk, sweat, and blood are cool, but not if someone else has to clean it up. Use the sprays to clean up and use the trash cans. Leave personal belongings in the designated area by the door during the work out. The only evidence of you being in the gym should be your score on the white board.

Its yours, own it. Focus, learn, have fun, and take ownership. Be optimistic, don’t drag others down with a bad attitude. At the same time, don’t let someone with a bad attitude drag you down. If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, there’s no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can fix it. This is your time, your box, and your experience, and most importantly, YOUR COMMUNITY.

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