Nutri-Challenges 1 + 2 – 2021

We are proud to announce our next NutriChallenges starting 3rd May 2021. We will run a revised version of our normal NutriChallenge (with some new and improved tweaks), as well as launch our new NutriChallenge Level 2.

The Level 2 is really for people who have already completed our first NutriChallenge once or even twice before and are looking for something more in depth.

The Level 1 NutriChallenge focusses on habits and creating new healthy habits. These 7 habits can always be relied on, and they can result in significant weight loss over time as they have for many of our members.

The Level 2 Nutrichallenge takes a more scientific approach with the introduction of calories, macros, somatotypes etc. For more information on each of our challenges and to sign up, click on the following links:

NutriChallenge Level 1 in English
NutriChallenge Level 2 in English
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