CrossFit Leman and the Equitas project

Why your CF Leman coach is exceptionally awesome

CrossFit liberates us from the usual forms of fitness training; frees us from the boredom of repetitive sports routines. However, did you know how much it frees us social injustices? Regardless of your level of capacity, where you are in your fitness, your injuries or handicaps, age or sex, anyone can finish a WOD. Altogether in the same room, members transgress timeless boundaries. Our coaches at CrossFit Leman know this; they do everything possible to preserve and protect an integrated climate. The BLM movement and the reactions within CrossFit HQ has made it a good time to question what can be done to move towards a fairer world. Always a leader, CF Leman is the first member within the canton to be part of the Equitas project.
The Equitas project seeks to promote inclusive teaching and coaching practices within the fitness industry. This method of teaching began in the 1980’s to ensure that all students be given access to excellent education regardless of sex, race, age and ability. Although it has been in place for decades in public and private schools for our  children, little is done in the adult sports world. CF Leman is a pioneer box to have implemented these practices for its coaches.
Not only are they a team of coaches who deeply care for your health and overall physical fitness, your Leman coaches are the only coaches in the region that have been trained in creating an active space for you to work out in, free of discriminatory practices. This is why they are exceptional.
The Equitas Project is run by e-qualité, a consulting company headed by coach Ac
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