Get in the best shape of your life and keep it for a long time.

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and a really important component of any athletic activity. Since 2009 we’ve helped countless members reach their desired goals through different programs we offer. 

Personal nutrition program (3 months)

Any time during the year you can benefit from individual nutritional guidance from one of our Precision Nutrition qualified coaches. After a first assessment you will be followed by your coach for a duration of 3 months minimum to help you reach your specific goal whether it is weight loss, muscle gain or performance increase. We base our program on the creation of new long lasting healthy habits that will stay with you forever. These habits will be tailored to your current lifestyle and help you get in the best shape of your life.

Every quarter we run a NutriChallenge (6 weeks)

A 6 weeks small group challenge to get motivated to get in the best shape you desire. It’s your chance to finally acquire long-term nutritional habits that will serve you for years to come. With this challenge, we will give you a habit each week to master, each of these habits build on each other so that you can keep them, or until you reach your final goal! An online group with the other contestants and the coach will help you stay motivated and accountable for the duration of the challenge and beyond. 

Individual assessment (30 min)

Sit down or meet online with a Precision Nutrition certified coach where you can discuss strategies to implement, and get ready for a successful nutrition kick start towards achieving your goals.

InBody scanner

All these programs include scans with our medical grade InBody scanner before, during and after to assess and track progress with detailed measurement of body composition, muscle and fat mass along with a multitude of useful health data.


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