Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the frequent questions we get. If you have one that is not listed below, feel free to contact us!

And you are probably right, like you probably won’t play tennis like Roger Federer… YES YOU CAN! The CrossFit program is designed to be universally scalable making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless your fitness experience. We adapt the work out to your your ability! We have athletes ranging from 4 to 88 years old training with us. Simply put, everyone can do CrossFit.
Here, we all know each others name. We all work out together and there will always be a coach watching form in our classes. If you haven’t come in a week, we notice. So will the members you work out with. Expect a call or an email, if you haven’t been coming in! We want to get to know you! We guarantee you will leave here sweating, smiling, and wanting more. Keeping it enjoyable is key!
Congratulations, on taking the first step towards an awesome adventure in fitness.

Getting started is very simple at CrossFit Leman!
Simply get in touch to book your free trial session in advance as we try to limit the number of people per class to ensure a great experience!

For a free try out, choose a beginners class at the location of your choice (Vich or Nyon) that works for you (See schedules Vich or Nyon).

Call us 022 364 75 44 or email us at train@crossfitleman.ch to let us know which class you would like to try (we are sorry if we don’t answer right away as we are busy coaching our badass members)! However, we can guarantee, you will hear back from us within 4 hours!

We want to make this as simple as we can so please feel free to email us or
call us 079 301 4214. If you want to try us before read the above faq : I would like to come and try out, what should I do? and find out how.

Proper technique and safety. We will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit first, once you can perform those techniques consistently, then we add intensity. Without proper technique, you won’t be able to transition to performing with great intensity. That’s how we reduce your risks of injury.
The easiest way to answer this is you won’t! Because you don’t have sufficient testosterone to develop huge muscles. Gaining muscle mass or “getting big or bulky” is also highly dependent on nutrition!
Reality is weightlifting is one of the most fundamental expression of human strength, speed, flexibility, agility and power. And Lifting heavy helps you burn more fat longer term because it increases your metabolic rate.
If we had a better way of preparing you for CrossFit, other than CrossFit, then we’d already be doing it! We will scale and modify all the workouts to suit your starting level. Our beginners classes are made for you.

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