Breathing Seminar – 23 January 2021

⁠When we talk about breathing in the context of athletic performance, many question and still underestimate the benefits of proper breathing.

Register now for the breathing seminar with Pauline Provost which will take place on Saturday 23rd of January from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at CrossFit Leman in Vich.

Pauline Provost is a physiotherapist and sports coach. She trained in the USA with Kelly Starett, Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson and it was there that she perfected breathing techniques. We look forward to welcoming her to CrossFit Leman.

The objective of this seminar is to make the link between mobility, breathing, performance and health through simple and effective techniques. Through this seminar, Pauline will discuss how to prepare before training, managing your breath during and after exercise and improving CO2 tolerance. ⁠All this complemented by mobility work which is linked to the efficiency of respiratory mechanics.

4 hours during which you will discover: ⁠

  • Mobility tests related to breathing⁠
  • CO2 tolerance test ⁠
  • Mobility work: Self-massages, stretching.
  • Introduction to respiratory physiology. ⁠
  • Nasal breathing. Principles of CO2 tolerance training. Superventilation at rest and during exercise
  • Recovery. ⁠

Location: CrossFit Leman Vich

Schedule: 13:30-17:30

Price: 120.- per person

Required level: open to all levels

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